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Prior to loading Hell's Angels onto your HD, please read the following
 notes concerning the Hell's Angels patch 

All updates to Hell's Angels will appear in the Service Updates section 

If You are experiencing file loss/download errors due to Bandwidth issues, try these two Download managers, they should help the problem.

If you're planning on playing Red Baron in Mass Multiplayer Mode (MMP), and you have the HD space,  it is recommended that you install a second version of RB3D to run MMP.  Using HA may distort or cause the MMP side of the game to crash.  Simply choose another directory in the Sierra install program and load the second  version elsewhere.  Then create a shortcut to the new directory and name it RBMMP.  The two will run side-by-side without interfering with each other.

If you would like to make a Donation to the Hell's Angels Project, please click the button below and follow along with the instructions.  Keep in mind, I am a not-for-profit operation.  Hell's Angels is and always will be FREE! 
 Donations are accepted and very much appreciated.  Thank you!

AA/2-Seater enhanced MG - 254 bytes (zipped)

HA Music - 6.68MB


A simple self extracting file that auto installs the core files of Hell's Angels Super Patch to your \data\simpatch directory.   Once installed, you can choose from either OTE's 4-Seasons scenery (HA default),  or
Ren's Lowres.vol scenery files. 

Hell's Angels: Resurrection

Released!!!  04 Nov 04!

This is the ultimate add-on to your Hell's Angels experience.  This small patch alters the lives of almost all the Aces in the major patch by keeping them alive throughout the entire conflict.  Easy to install, stop by the HA:Resurrection site for more info!

Hell's Angels Gold


This is the version of Hell's Angels that was released prior to the Super Patch.  It is a Legacy patch and meant to be used by those that enjoy flying and using Stock FM/DM's in RB3D.  This is not a new HASP version, it is quite old and contains many skins that were replaced and some aces that were removed.  As a tribute to the great and loyal fans of the Red Baron Community, it will be preserved for all to enjoy and appreciate.  You may consider using the new Greybeard FM and Zintek DM for use on STOCK RB3D aircraft assignments.  HAG did not have the extra plane slot for the French AR-1 that HASP eventually contained.

Hell's Angels Gold - 33.9MB  WINRARed


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