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These are some very good and useful documents from around the Red Baron Community.  These same documents are available on the Wings of Valor website, but are here for your viewing as well.

XP Sound Workaround (2003-10-17_XP_RB3D.pdf, 58K) 
Pepe Le Peu's guide to resolving the issue of sound loss when running Red Baron under Windows XP  
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XP General Workarounds (xpworkarounds.pdf, 7k) 
This document, written by Brooks Martin, describes several methods for getting USB joysticks, sound cards, and Red Baron to work together.
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Dual Graphics Setup (2003-10-17_DualHwProfiles.pdf, 31K) 
Klaus' guide to setting up and using both an AGP and a PCI Voodoo graphics card in your system. 
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Combat Views for Vertical Maneuvers (2003-10-17_views.pdf, 31K) 
Pepe Le Peu's guide maintaining your orientation when making vertical maneuvers.
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Energy Management (energy.pdf, 56K) 
Written by "Sensei" and edited by RAF Pepe LePeu, this document give valuable instructions on using altitude and speed to your advantage. Learn when to sacrifice one for the other.
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LW_Herr Mac's Multi-Player Tutorial (mmp2.pdf, 386K) 
This is an indispensable resource for the online beginner or expert. It covers every aspect of online play including getting online, finding and connecting to Red Baron servers, mistakes to be avoided, etiquette, and flying tips. To read the tutorial online, left click on the link below. If you want to save the file, right click the link.
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Pepe Le Peu's Explains the MPLAYER.INI (MPlayerExplained.pdf, 189K) 
This document explains all the operations of the mplayer.ini file such as the meta and known server and the chat macros.
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Pepe Le Peu on Server Etiquette (2003-10-17_etiquette.pdf, 42K) 
This short article was written by a well known and well respected member of the online Red Baron community. It provides all the do's and don'ts of online flying. Highly recommended for newbies and log timers alike.
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Updated Pepe Le Peu's New Online Player Tips (2003-10-17_newtips.pdf, 38K) 
Flying online can be a daunting effort, especially for first timers. Pepe Le Peu has written an easy to understand article that provides a great starting point for fledgling pilots.
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Red Baron 3D Manual (rbmanual, 653K) 
This is the Red Baron 3D manual in pdf format. You must have the pdf reader that is free and available from adobe in order to read this file. If you want to read the manual, left click on the link below. If you want to save the file, right click the link.
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Situational Awareness and Microsoft's Sidewinder (situation.pdf, 21K) 
One of the most challenging aspects of flying online is knowing where you are and staying oriented while engaged in a dogfight. This article, written by WWPierre, will help and includes tips for optimizing Microsoft's Sidewinder joystick.
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Fighter Wingman Tactics (wingman.pdf, 59K) 
Written by "Sensei" and edited by Pepe LePeu, this document provides instructions on how to fly with a wingman.
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