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I would like to give credit for the following individuals that helped in the production, creation, and atmosphere of Hell's Angels.

They are: (in no particular order)

Ted Harrity (Shredward) - for donation of massive amounts of info, my right-hand man!!
Steve Fabert
- for sounds, historic information and great technical advice
Beck - for his fantastic crates
Flybert - for excellent, detailed advice and vast file collection
Pat Wilson - for cockpits, skins, insignias and anything else I borrowed, stole, begged from WFP
Jim Dietz - Artwork on the HA Installer, backgrounds and this website.
Greybeard - the killer Flight Model for Hell's Angels.
Zintek - HA's Damage Model, where all your nice, flame-broiled pilots come from.
Rabu - OTE and Hell's Angels scenery tile Guru
Conrad  'Pursuit 1' - his fantastic Albatros Wings
Capt. Darwin - superb advice and correction of the 'Flak Gun' American rank problem
Kessler -  for sounds, effects, objects, skins, etc. 
Tuss Schroener (Tussnet) - Beta tester and fantastic story writer, inspiration to take HA higher
Josef Weiss - for all info regarding Eduard von Schleich and writing his career notes
Baron von Helton -  skins, vehicles, gauge pics and info, great advice and a source for help
Brett Castlebury - for all info regarding Esc.1 Belique and Willy Coppens
Andreas - fantastic work on several fantastic HA base skins
Uhlan -  his models and great conservationist
Captain Ricket - for his 'New Moon' graphics patch
Dave Schaffner (FlyXwire) - for the great antique a/c gauge pictures which were used in HA.
Baron von Benz - without the permission to use UOP4.5, HA would not exist
Wingstrut -  many contributions including insignias, LO files, and the Ni17c celluloid cockpits
Beery - Insignias, correct German Flying Badge log book medallions
Delta K - superb work on many and I mean MANY of the Hell's Angels skins
Ron65Ron - a fine source of info and help with HA skins
Walther Weaver - Amazing Pfalz D.III skins - don't miss them!!
Garp -  Flame2x patch
Toado - For providing instrumental help with creating the Beery Badge Patch. 

Without the help, advice, research and files of these great artisans, Hell's Angels would still be a
'Homebrew' patch sitting in my \simpatch folder.  All the credit and a huge round of applause from the Red Baron Community!

Not to forget everyone from SWWISA and the Red Baron Community that has enjoyed (and endured) Hell's Angels, I give you all credit for pushing me to continue my work and not letting me feel for one minute that it was a waste of time!

All the best!

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