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Q:  Do you know if the Patch also works without Glide?
A:  Yes, with the help of DeltaK, we made sure all SWWISA and HA skins are DD compatible.  
      Rens's  DD scenery package available at his site makes a very nice addition as well, 
      and is recommended.

Q: I just installed the HA Super Patch onto an existing RB3D install which had the PL Super
    Patch installed.  When I click on the ACE PREVIEW button, I get a crash to desktop.
    Before I installed this patch, everything was working fine.

A: This unfortunately cannot be corrected.  As of today, this problem is experienced with not only
    HA, but WFP as well. They both alter the file, pilots.dat, while PL does not.  It is something that
    has not been found yet.  However, there is a walk-around.  Create a campaign, or open your
    existing one.  View your squadron dossier.  Now go back to the Ace profiles and 9 times out
    of 10, there is no CTD.  

Q: The Sopwith Camel engine sounds are like a well oiled sewing machine, not like 
     a noisy radial at all.

A: The Camel is actually a 'quiet' crate once airborne and cruising.  Much like running open headers
    on a  small block Chevy, once you hit a certain rpm, she mellows out and sounds good. 
    Everything in between that is an audio disaster.  The Camel sounds were taken from my video of
    the Camel run-up and Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.  SWWISA member, Steve Fabert did the clean
    up and conversions for HA. It is an actual Camel, not a mish-mash from other sources.  

Q:  I open Red Baron, click on Campaign and I get a CTD (Crash To Desktop)!  Why?

A: One thing I've noticed with Red Baron, is you need to have the CD in the drive, whether you're
    using Tom Winter's 'No CD Patch' or doing the 'six click' on the right icon trick.  Red Baron needs
    to access the CD for various  videos throughout the length of the war.  Some are for the 
    introduction of new aircraft, others are for events in the war.  You can either leave the disc in the
    drive or copy the video folder (201MB) from the CD to the \redbaron3d\data folder if you have the
    extra space (260MB).

Q: I just downloaded the latest Hell's Angels patch... I load it, it works fine but I've flown 6
    missions and have not seen an enemy plane yet.  What gives?

A: Well, first of all, you need a clean, new install of Red Baron.  Then load Hell's Angels.  What 
    happens is that your campaign might be hanging on to old .dat files.  Deleting the campaign will
    not help. The problem will remain.  Just start fresh, you'll be rewarded!


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