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* Be sure to view all readme files PRIOR to installing any additional files. *

Several French and most British squadrons in Hell's Angels use the Ni17c, with glass upper wing.  Download these and go to the 'How To...' section for instructions.

Thes files will help FPS by reducing the size of the flame BMPs and Smoke BMPs.  There two sizes:  64 and 128. The smaller the size the less realism, better FPS.

http://www.wings-of-valor.net/files/documents/rbRefCard.pdf  Courtesy of Wing of Valor

Install this file to your \data directory and experience a significant boost to the aggressiveness of the enemy.  Combine this with Capt. Royce's FM above for added enhancement.

AI Enhancer with sun glare turned off.  Helps FPS in certain situations.  Here

This utility allows the user to edit the AI values without having to do any manuale file switching.  Thanks to Rens for the effort on this utility.  Point the editor to your rbpref.dat file and move the slider to alter the values.

v 8.1

Pat Wilson's superb assistant to making your Red Baron experience even more realistic.  Easy to use, and designed to work with all RB patches.  The required files for this tool are already incorporated into Hell's Angels.  This is the Hell's Angels version only.  

 An easy utility for Red Baron that makes swapping gun sights in and out a 1 click operation

This file can be placed in the \simpatch folder and eliminates the annoying 'orange hit-boxes' when shooting an opponent.  Also can be used in MMP, place in the \multi folder.

This is the original HA default pilot scream.  It was removed in update1.  I thought it was hysterical, so I posted it.  Unzip to \simpatch.

This patch will eliminate the '6-click' walk around by making it an icon based start.  Does not require CD, however, RB will crash when accessing date-activated movies, aircraft introductions, and other animations that are on the CD.  Unzip to \redbaron3d folder

This nifty little utility helps to tweak the settings/distances of the graphics in RB3D.  Use this utility with WFP and HA only. Unzip to \redbaron3d   * Not for use with FCJ *
Capt'n Rickets No-Moon graphics patch for Red Baron II/3D
A helpful patch to increase FPS by removing the Moon graphic from Red Baron. 
Unzip to data/3dpatch
 No-Sun graphics patch for Red Baron II/3D
A helpful patch to increase FPS by removing the Sun graphic from Red Baron
Unzip to data/simpatch
Mojo's Red Baron w98se Desktop Theme.
 Make your desktop into the ultimate Red Baron tribute with artwork by Mark W. Miller.  Use like any other theme for Windows98se.   
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