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Hell's Angels is a non-date based Super Patch.  It contains scenery, effects, objects, skins, damage models, flight models, and shell enhancements for the original Red Baron 3D game by Sierra Dynamics.  It is not recommended but it can safely be used in Direct Draw mode and does not require the use of a 3Dfx based card.   I do recommend that you download the terrific dgVoodoo wrapper if you are using an Nvidia or ATI based graphics card.

This patch was the work of not only myself, but many of the best Red Baron modelers, designer, programmers, and artisans in the RB Community.  It began simply as my 'Home Brew' Simpatch folder and grew from there.  Over the years, after acquiring so many patches, skins, effects, etc, I decided it was time to mastermind the production of my own artistic effort.  Inspired by the 1930's WWI movie, Hell's Angels, I tried my best to co-ordinate, re-master, alter and create the best atmosphere possible for the RB flyer.  From novice to Ace, there is a little bit for every skill level  interested in the history and atmosphere of WWI aerial combat.

There are many enhancements offered in this patch, to include:

  • All Aircraft models by SWWISA
  • Greybeard's newest Flight Model with wing loading effects and degrading performance
  • Zintek Damage Model includes forward firing machine guns on all bombers/recons.
  • Combined scenery from both Kessler's latest PL Super Patch and Rabu's OTE 4-Seasons Patch
  • New Ace schemes for aces like Kurt Wolf, Lothar von Ritchtofen, Josef Mai, Otto Konnecke, Ulrich Neckel, Joe Fall and others
  • Accurate Ace profiles backed by SWWISA historians Steve Fabert and Shredward.
  • Garp's Flameout combined with Capt. Darwin's smoke
  • Leaping pilot patch by Hobbes - sorry no parachute patch, here you die!
  • New German, French, British, and American name lists
  • Hundreds of new skins derived from Andreas, OvS, Shredward, Delta K, Walther Weaver, Baron von Helton, Lowengrin, and Pat Wilson's WFP efforts. 

The most being the amount of attention I paid to the details like skins, colors and patterns.  I concentrated on matching lines, matching cockpit views, and creating the effect of realism by matching all insignias, liveries and lozenge patterns as close as possible.

HA does not require a Campaign Manager like CM11 to operate.  It is a one time install and can be done with or without CM11.  The patch uses the stock RB aircraft list and does not use aircraft slot switching.  It was designed for simplicity, but heavy content.  My goal was to fit as much as possible into the original constraints of the game designs/limits.   With HA, there are 5 new German aces.  Although that required the removal of 4 Entente aces, and Max Immelman, it was worth it.  Now you get back Hermann Göring, and add in Fritz von Röth, Otto Kissenberth, Josef Mai, and Kurt Wolf.

Aces are complete with aircraft schemes and profiles. All Ace pictures have been updated with more attractive, recognizable, war time portraits, providing a more personal feel to the game.  You can now see what Ernst Udet looks like rather than that annoying picture of him squashed down in his flight suit.  LOL!

At any rate, please take time to look at the smaller details in HA.  It's what I concentrated on the most.  Variety, atmosphere, action, and precision are words I can think to best describe HA.  I hope you enjoy it as I had you all in mind when I made it.  It has been a lot of fun (and very long nights!).  Download it now and jump into WWI!


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