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Originally based on Baron von Benz's UOP4.5 Super Patch,  the Hell's Angels Super Patch 
is a massive, one-time install, non-date based, Unofficial Super Patch 
for the Sierra-Dynamix game, Red Baron 3D.  

 Several updates occur to the original RB3D when installed to include but not limited to:

  • All new Stock aircraft models created by members of SWWISA

  • 6 new German Aces including their specific historic paint schemes

  • French Bomber Escadrilles fly French made bombers!!

  • All new User pilot pictures as well as Central and Entente photos based on original pictures.

  • Aircraft skins by OvS, Shredward, BvH, DeltaK, Pat Wilson, Andreas and SWWISA members

  • New 'The Blue Max', and WWI era shell music

  • Historically based Flight Model by Greybeard and Damage Model by Zintek

  • Forward firing machine guns on all Bomber/Recon aircraft that are equipped with them.

  • Authentic cockpit instruments, and matching cockpit forward views to underwing skins

  • Much more color variety to all aircraft providing more atmosphere to the game

NEWS:   16 Nov 06 Zinteck Damage Model for HASP Version 5.0 RELEASED!
NEWS:  28 Nov 06 Greybeard's Flight Model for STOCK RB Version 4.0m RELEASED!!
NEWS: 01 Dec 06 Greybeard's NEWEST Flight Model for HASP Ver 4.7 RELEASED!!

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