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The site that contains the finest Red Baron Artisans in the Community.  Here you can find aircraft models, information, tools and members individual works.

Sygrod's Red Baron Technical site.  By far, this is THE most in-depth look at the technical side of the game.  From Hex editing to file descriptions, it's all here.
The homepage of many Red Baron Community members.  Here you find chat, forums, files, news, info and many other goodies

The infamous Kessler's home site.  Here you find some of the finest Red Baron enhancements on the internet.  Now offering the fantastic 'Full Canvas Jacket' Super Patch.

Ren's site: shop here for tools, quality planes, terrains, and patches.  RB3D Object Patch Manager, RB3D Secure Server and more!

Featuring the artwork of James Deitz, this is his personal website packed with some very amazing pieces.  For sale as prints, or originals, James's artwork spans several conflicts in US War history as well as other dramatic scenes.  

SqHQ provide very inexpensive website and forum hosting services to Red Baron squadrons.  The service is free to events and tournaments!

Flybert's site contains everything you need for MMP, SP, Paints, info, instructions, blah...blah...It's a fantastic site to spend the entire day.


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