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22 Mar 07
8.40 MB

'Ron65Ron's  'M. von Richthofen Patch for Hell's Angels Gold'
This patch is for use in conjunction with Hell's Angels Gold Edition and is an attempt to introduce historical accuracy into Red Baron 3D in regards to the aces and aircraft of Jasta 11 from late 1916 to the end of WWI.Aces include Manfred von Richthofen, Lothar von Richthofen, Karl Allmenroder, Kurt Wolff and Ernst Udet.There are date-based changes which take place for color,insignia and serial #'s on such aircraft as the Albatros DII, Albatros DIII, Albatros DVa, Fokker DR1 and Fokker DVII.


Simply unzip MvRPHAGold.zip to the Sierra/RedBaron3D/cm11/patches folder. 
Use with Campaign Manager like any other date-based patch.



17 Mar 05

HASP 'Return to Default' v.4
Running this patch will remove all traces of The Blue Max or Resurrection Add-Ons for HASP.  Please read the RTDv3readme.txt files for details about this patch.  You need this patch to return HASP back to it's original state if you want to remove either of these Add-On patches.

Run the self installer, and over-write all the present files in your \simpatch folder.

This will remove all aces, skins, configurations, and other changes made in the above mentioned Add-Ons.  Keep in mind that this also means all new missions created for the Add-On WILL NOT WORK and may cause CTD's if you try to use them.


'The Blue Max' patch for HASP
This patch is a fun, totally fictitious patch that will turn Red Baron3d into the 1966 Hollywood epic movie of the same title.  It's based on 'Jasta 23b BM' and allows you to fly with Bruno Stachel, Willi von Klugerman and Otto Heidemann.  It contains skins, aces, aircraft allocation that best match the movie and story line as close as Red Baron 3D would let me take it.  

Also included are 6 single missions that will take you through some of the more famous scenes from the movie.  Please refer to the readme file for more info.


The new 'Hell's Angels Resurrection' patch can be found here:


29 Oct 04


Skidmark's 'Slimpits' cockpit Patch for HASP V2 (Glide and DD)
Made from the files of Otto Von Stachel's Hell's Angels SuperPatch (HASP).
Tested in HASP and stock RB3D.  Will work in any RBII/3D stock flyable line-up, with some possible non-critical plane parts mismatches.
Adds approximately 20% more frontal viewing area.

All views (F1 & F2 combined) 

Works in DD and GLIDE.

08 Aug 04



Skidmark's Invisible cockpit Patch for HASP (Glide and DD)
This patch was created on WinXP/HE OS. Make sure you check out each plane's F1 cockpit view in FLY NOW to make sure it's working for you.   Skidmark's HA Invisible Cockpit Patch is for the 'Hell's Angels Super Patch' and/or 'Resurrection'. Previous versions of HA, other UOP's and stock RBII/3D are not supported.  The use of this patch will result in some Frame Rate drop (2 or 3) in GLIDE mode due to more visibility of sky and terrain.  The use of Campaign Manager to install the patch is highly recommended. 

NOTE: Good practice to keep CM11 folder names to a limit of 8 characters, also, do not re-name/cut/paste/etc., DATA or it's sub-folders (copy is OK) - CM11 will lose the path!  Without CM - Backup your entire SIMPATCH folder and then place the unzipped files into DATA\SIMPATCH

These wav files are in German and change the 'Intelligence Briefings' when playing as a German pilot.  They add some pretty good realism to the campaign.  Just add to sierra\redbaron\shelsnd and overwrite.

Dr.1 Defaults for HAG2

This Dr.1 scheme represents the famous 'Black Baron of Rhinebeck' that is regularly flown at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, NY.  Just a personal favorite of mine and a little thanks to the wonderful folks at the Old Aerodrome.  You can add this file set to your \simpatch folder to fly it as the default in Fly Now... or change the bmp names, drop them into your \paint folder and add it to the 'paint your plane' option as your personal scheme.  Either way.. enjoy!  

Here is a picture of the Black Baron for those of you that are not familiar.

Andreas's 'Ernst Udet' Skins for Hell's Angels
A very fine collection of skins for Hell's Angels that are made to replace default skins for Udet. Highly detailed and thorough, these are a very nice addition to HAG2.


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