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Chaos!  - OvS

This single mission will test not only you nerves but your SA (Situational Awareness) to the limit.  Gathering the best of the Central and Entente squadrons over the muddy hell below, the best of the best will duel each other to the death.  Fly as Central or edit to fly as Entente.   Download!  - 2.21KB

Richthofen vs. Hawker - Shredward

Fly as Manfred and seek out the great British Ace Hawker.  Be warned... although you may think you're in a superior aircraft, Hawker is England's best and knows his advantages.  Use you skills and knowledge of the Albatros D.II to out maneuver Hawker's Airco DH.2.  Try for the head-shot and win the kill as Richthofen did.    single duel - 1KB   full squadron strength - 1.74KB

Hawker vs. Richthofen - Shredward

Change the history of World War I aerial combat.  Kill the Bloody Red Baron before he was deemed his name.  You fly as the great British Ace Lanoe Hawker in your Airco DH.2, and take on Manfred von Richthofen in his new Albatros D.II.   Watch him, as he is an up and coming Ace, and is looking to add you to his kill list. single duel  - 1KB  full squadron strength - 1.83KB


Get ready to prove who's the Boss.  This is an all out furball featuring nothing but Germany and England's best Triplanes, the Sopwith Tripe and Fokker Dr.1.  You along with some of Germany's top aces have been challenged to find out which triplane should rule the skies.  Climb aboard into your Jasta 18 mount, and go hunting.   Download!  - 4KB - instructions in German


The Morane Saulnier Bullet takes on the Fokker Eindecker, who's the best design.  Using your skills and knowledge of the Eindecker, take on a flight of MS Bullets... and a surprise guest!  Can you stop them with your flight from Jasta 18?  Give it your best shot!   Download!  - 1KB - instructions in German

Die Bomber!

As you fly along in your trusty Jasta 18 Fokker D.VII, the flight of bombers can be seen in the distance.  As you approach you notice the size of the mammoth crate... it's the Handley Page  0/400!  Not one... but 10!!  How are you going to get them down?  It's a suicide run!  Download! - 4KB - instructions in German

Ball: The Last Hunt - Shredward

As Albert Ball, one of England's finest proven Aces, take his last flight on a hunt with RFC 56 over the mud and into the Lion's Den of Jasta 11.  A very historical flight as RFC 56 tangles with Jasta 11 and Ball meets Lothar von Richthofen, can you change history or simply repeat it?  Download! - 4KB

Lothar vs Ball - Shredward

Forward observers in the southern Douai sector have reported a British squardon of 10 possibly 11 SE5.a's crossing into your area.  As Lothar von Richthofen, take Jasta 11 to the skies and face England's best... the RFC 56.  Make your brother proud and find Albert Ball. Introduce the family name with your Spandaus!  Download - 4.12KB

RNAS10 Escorts - Shredward

Climb in your Sopwith Tripe and lead 'Black Flight' over the front.  Escort a flight of DH.4's to their target and keep them alive.  Beware... you're in Ypres, that can only mean 1 thing... The Bloody Red Baron might be looking for you.  Tally-ho!!!   Download - 1.66KB

Jasta 11 Intercept - Shredward

Achtung!!!  Get airborne.  Forward observers report a flight of DH.4's heading for our drome.  No time to waste, GET AIRBORNE!  Follow Manfred in his scarlet Albatros D.III into what could be your last chance at life.  RNAS10 is leading the way and are stacked.  Stay alert!  Download - 1.68KB

Protect the General! - Tussnet

Special orders from HQ... there is an unknown Allied General, could very well be Sir Douglas Haig himself,  visiting an Observation Balloon post on the front line today.  We believe the Huns are going to make an attempt to assassinate the General while he conducts an inspection of the post.  Get there and CAP the area!  Stop the Huns before they kill that General!    Download  - 1.67KB   

Richthofen: The Last Flight - von Baur

April 21, 1918, the Motherland looses her prized Knight, Baron Manfred von Richthofen.   Once thought to be invincible, on this day history was made.  With the loss of MvR, the moral of the German Air Force was deeply wounded.  As a member of Jasta 11, can you change history?  Can you get Brown before he gets MvR?  The fate of the Red Baron and the GAR lies on your shoulders... good luck.   Download  - 1KB  

Voss: The Last Lone Wolf - von Baur

Take on the 6 SE5.a's of the dreaded RAF 56 as German's best, Werner Voss.  Included in this historic melee is Voss's killer, Rhys-Davis.  This would be the last 'Lone Wolf' Patrol of WWI.  Can you stay alive to see the next one?  5 against 1, the odds are stacked against you, however... you are the best... you are Voss!   Download  - 1KB  

Due to programming constraints of Red Baron, when you fly as an Ace, unfortunately, you do not fly in his custom paint scheme.
Some of these missions will tax the resources of your set, try and tone down the graphics as much as possible.
Unzip all files to (x):\sierra\redbaron3d\single

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