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Q: Once enemy aircraft are in the area and the "slewable" mode is used, a mesh or
     gridwork shows up between my upper and lower wings and great patches of ground turn
     into huge black areas.

A: You need to enable '2MB texture memory' on your Voodoo card setting or in the Openglid.ini file
    of the Glidos Wrapper.  This is not an HA issue, it is unfortunately a RB issue.  You can bump up
    the limit to 4MB in the Glidos Wrapper.  I've heard it works pretty well at that level too.

Q: What is that piece of wood sticking out of the side of the Albatros D.II engine?

A: That's not wood, that's the exhaust pipe.  Put a cigarette in you mouth and lean forward.... oh
    yeah, this is only a game... ?

Q:  Just want to know... Is Cappy's FM already in HA or do I need to put that  in on my own?

A: Not a silly question.... Yes, along with Zintek's newest DM. The Royce FM is only for Authentic
    mode, the other two modes (intermediate and easy) use Stock Red Baron FM's.

    The files are there incase you might need them down the road. A lot of folks always ask for them,
    so I put them on the site.


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