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The End of the Road

Much has fallen silent along the Flight Sim forums of Delphi and SimHQ, among other places. But it is a silence brought on by unparalleled success. There is simply nothing left to improve that is within the scope or abilities of Red Baron. The phrase “it’s all been done” is apt here, Red Baron has been saved. A few closing projects are in the works, such as the Moving Front Patch, or MFP, but for the most part, Red Baron is considered a mission accomplished. The patch makers are busy actually flying and enjoying the game, or have moved on to other things in life. Red Baron, the flawed title that seemed doomed to fail has lasted longer on most of our hard drives than any other game of any kind. With all of this accomplished, one has to ask, why write the history of the long strange trip of an obscure Flight Sim?

Red Baron was always the unknown game. The game that friends and spouses of those in the community would have never heard of if it wasn’t for this bunch of enthusiasts (nuts) that spent so many hours either making the patches or loving newly released works. While I never created a single patch for the community, my flying ultimately benefited from all those mentioned in this work. I have spent hundreds of hours enjoying the product of other people’s labor and this is my attempt to give something back to the community that has given me so much. This work however, barely scratches the surface. For every major release, there were countless other people involved. Those like Steve Fabert, who provided treasure troves of information on WWI aviation to every patch maker in the community worked largely behind the scenes, working tirelessly to help create the end product. Just because Red Baron was largely unknown by the gaming community, does nothing to tarnish the affection shown to it in the years following its lack-luster release. The patches created for this Sim matured from infancy to all encompassing in the years that passed. Red Baron is now complete and it is the hope of this history to remember those who helped the game complete that journey. Hopefully, the history presented here will lead those mentioned to write their stories as well, and fill in the gaps left by myself.




December 19, 2004