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Stachel and His Angels from Hell

Yet, even with the epic achievement of Western Front Patch, two more patch creators continued to work even harder to produce great patches that would not need date-based file swapping. Two stand-alone patches mark their place in community history with the two unique roads they take. One brilliantly captures all that Red Baron has been to all of us, and the other strains Red Baron to its very limits by filling it with the most immerse graphics and sounds seen to date. Hellís Angels by Otto von Stachel, and Full Canvas Jacket by Kessler, stand shoulder to shoulder with WFP in the history of Red Baron.

Otto von Stachel, a lifelong World War One aviation buff, computer game enthusiast, and member of SWWISA, would create a significant UOP from the ashes of an old patch that was left behind, and then make the work truly his own. Hellís Angels began from the remains of UOP 4.5, an older patch from the Beery 2.0 days, created by another maker, Baron von Benz. Stachel took the patch and began what is known as a homebrew; a mix of various patches from various sources made for oneís own liking. But as he began skinning aircraft for his private collection, the itch began to grip him and soon he was making headway on his own UnOfficial Patch.

(Bitmap file from Hellís Angels Super Patch highlights Stachelís attention to detail)

             Hellís Angels began as Red Baron at its most classic. The patch featured a mix of photo-realistic skins along with the older bitmaps of previous patches (including UOP 4.5 and Baron von Heltonís work). Stachel was the T.S. Eliot of Red Baron, shoring the remains of every patch ever created against him to create, in essence, a living history of the community rolled into one patch. Thus, Hellís Angels was released with much praise and success. Yet, Stachelís journey into the world of patch making was not yet complete. Banding together with Pat Wilson from WFP fame, something truly special would emerge in the next versions of Hellís Angels.

If Hellís Angels and Western Front Patch are to teach us anything, it is the benefit of having two creators share resources openly. In fact, many of Hellís Angels bitmaps are actually borrowed from Western Front Patch, and vice versa. Stachel said he felt his patch should be called: ďWFP/HAĒ.  This sharing of work allowed both patches to benefit enormously and created two deep and rich UOPís for everyone to enjoy. It was, as they say, ďa beautiful thingĒ.

Over the course of two years, Hellís Angels grew into an immaculate non-date based patch that really broke out of the traditional mold of Red Baron into a unique work all its own. The last version of Hell's Angels added another SWWISA member's talent, Shredward. Stachel will be the first to tell you that Shredward was vital to producing Hellís Angels Super Patch (HASP) and without his help, the patch would never have been the success it is today. With Shred's vast knowledge and depth of research, the skies of HASP were filled with more historical accuracy than any WWI game ever seen before. Hellís Angels also featured some of the most realistic and breath-taking skins ever seen in the history of the community, and coupled it with Rabuís excellent work in terrain modeling. Works by Pat Wilson, Andreas, and WWeaver, made their debut in the latest version of Hellís Angels. The patch also featured ace paint schemes of lesser-known pilots such as Elliot White Springs, and Raul Lufbery but always historically accurate even to the smallest detail. The patch included exciting new ďsingle missionsĒ, something that no other creator has included in a UOP before or since. This gave players a chance to see the richness of the patch and to really enjoy all of the work that was done. Hellís Angels also featured menu music from the movie ďThe Blue MaxĒ along with a mix of period songs and gave the game brand new sound effects. Wind now whistled through the cockpit, guns had new, frightening sounds, and the immersion created by the great new effects was stunning. The patch successfully combined the artistic talents of the brightest in the community, openly shared resources, and in the end, created an amazingly rich, deep single player experience that left pilots pleased and eager for more. But Otto wasnít finished yet.

(A Pair of Spad XIII scouts from Hellís AngelsÖ OvS/PW)

(Three Pfalz D.IIIaís  in Hellís Angels  Ö WWeaver)

Stachel followed up the successful Hellís Angels with a unique patch called Resurrection. This patch allowed all historical pilots from the war to live indefinitely, only dying when the player shot them down. This opened up many new possibilities within a single player campaign. What if Manfred von Richtofen wasnít the highest scoring ace of the war? What if Max Immelmann lived until 1918? The ramifications of these seemingly slight changes were huge and generated a lot of excitement within the community. Resurrectionís concept remains a first. Stachel rewrote the pages of history, changing every ace profile in the game to reflect what might have happened if they had survived the war which claimed so many of their lives. In addition to the new profiles, Stachel had to invent new ace paint schemes for aircraft the resurrected aces would have flown. What would Bolecke look like in a Fokker DVII or Max Immelmann in a Fokker Dr1? The new paint schemes and possibilities were exciting from the beginning, and gave many of us chills as we flew with aces we knew had never lived that long. Resurrection stands as a unique patch that broke the mold of what Red Baron had traditionally done. While it was a departure from the great historical accuracy produced in the original Hellís Angels, it gave the community a great injection of fun to live out boyhood dreams of flying with, or against, the all time greats.

(Bolecke flies patrol with Jasta 11 in 1918 RB default scenery)

Stachel also coupled Hellís Angels with a Blue Max Patch, in honor of the 1960ís film. After seeing a set of skins released by Andreas that duplicated the paint schemes used in the movie, Stachel could not pass up a chance to make a full blown patch for Hellís Angels. Players could now fly along side Bruno Stachel or even Willi von Klugermann, the famous characters from the film. It gave the game another shot of pure fun and enjoyment for all of those who remembered the movie so well. Hellís Angels still stands the test of time as the best free, non-date based patch around and is the best start for anyone looking to begin their way into the world of Red Baron, or for those who love the game at its richest and most fun. 

(A pair of Fokker DR.1ís painted for the Blue Max patch.... Andreas)