Windows SYS Memory

  1. Check-out this site for some really great tips on tweaking your memory and other Windows setting!!  VERY important to the other games like RB3D that you get the maximum performance out of the memory you have on-board. - OFFLINE  :(

  1. Be sure to turn off all running programs in your task bar.  Using Crtl-Alt-Delete to open 'Close Program Manager' should only reveal 'Systray' and 'Explorer' actively running.

  2. If you can, run msconfig (W98se only) and turn off any extra programs that are not neccassry running in the background, like CDWr programs, Task Schedulers, Anti-Virus (at your own risk), etc. 

Virtual Memory

sounds like ur page file is corrupted.

rightclick on my computer->properties->performance ->virtual memory

fill in a fixed nr of mbytes, min and max equal to each other

close the panel.
reboot windows.
this action will force a recreation of your swapfile.

at least, rb will be less 'hicuppy', cuz it doesnt force win xxx to extend the page file (assuming you chose a value thats big enough, somewhere in the 300 mbyte range at least )

S! rens