Mission Generator 

Getting Started:

This fantastic tool by Pat Wilson will not only offer you more from Red Baron, but historically depict many situations that otherwise were left out by the original game.  Massive formations of Allied aircraft, attack missions by 2-seaters, escort missions of more than 2 aircraft... etc.

Download Mission Generator (Hell's Angels version only) here.

The main text file is already loaded into your simpatch folder when Hell's Angels was enabled.

Quick start...

How To Use:
1. Create mission in RB by entering campaign and pressing "Next Mission"
3. exit RB
4. Run MissionGen.
5. Open the mission file by pressing "Open" and selecting the file.
6. Press "Massage" to alter the mission file data.
7. Press "Write" to write the altered data back to the mission file.
8. Restart RB. Now you can edit the mission in RB and/or fly it. 
9. As an option, you can press "Generate Report" to make a report of the mission.

Please refer to the README file attched with Mission Generator for more info.

What the hell is COMDLG32.OCX????

"A particular file (e.g MFC42.DLL or COMDLG32.OCX or any other) is missing

Developers sometimes assume that most people have those files, however if you don't download very often and don't use a lot of software other than what came with your computer - you may need an additional support file here and there. Microsoft releases new "Run-time" files every now and then, they allow software developers to make use of the latest technology when creating new software. In order for YOU to use these programs, you need to update your Windows system with these files. Many software products requires the VB6 Runtimes or the earlier version, the VB5 Runtimes." - Webattack.com

For more info on how to solve this issue... go here.